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Our story begins in 1690 when John Freame and Thomas Gould started trading as goldsmith bankers on Lombard Street, London. In 1736 John’s son-in-law, James Barclay, joined the business giving it the name we know today. Since then, Barclays has been a leader in innovation; funding the world’s ?rst industrial steam railway, naming the UK’s first female branch manager and introducing the world’s first ATM machine. And those are just a few highlights from our first 300 years.

Today, Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking and wealth management. Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for 48 million customers and clients worldwide.

Along the way Barclays has always focused on serving the needs of its customers. In the US, Barclays Online Banking brings an accessible, intuitive and secure banking experience to customers.
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Artisans’ Bank

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A History of Service – Since 1861

The year was 1861 and Abraham Lincoln was President. The Civil War had begun, putting the country in turmoil. It was a time that called for people of vision. Ten Wilmington, Delaware businessmen rose to the occasion. Despite the uncertainties and pressures on the economy brought on by the war, these 10 men boldly suggested the creation of a bank for working people: the “Artisans.” They envisioned a unique financial institution – one that returned its money to its depositors in the form of mortgages, loans and interest on savings. A mutual institution, for the benefit of its depositors.

The 10 founders each put up 4 dollars. Faith and $40 dollars were all they had. Of that amount, $12 paid for a charter and 50 cents for a minute book, and most of the rest paid for stationery. What remained was $1.93 for working capital. The charter was granted by the state legislature on February 28, 1861. Artisans` Savings Bank opened for business on April 1, 1861 at 117 Market Street in Wilmington, with William S. Hillis as the Bank`s first president.

After three years, the fledgling Artisans` proudly repaid each original investor 4 dollars, plus 72 cents interest. The Bank`s secretary, Mr. John P. McLear, in his letter to the original investors dated April 15, 1864 concluded “…that the influence of the institution throughout its history will be so marked for good as to cause you to remember with satisfaction that you had a part in its small beginnings.”

The Bank steadily grew and in 1865 moved to larger quarters at 602 Market Street. The Bank again moved in 1871, when it purchased the historic Indian Queen Hotel on the corner of Fifth and Market Streets, and built the Clayton House on this site. For many years, the Clayton House enjoyed the reputation of being one of the finest hotels in the east, with the Bank occupying offices on its first floor. As the Bank continued to prosper, larger offices were needed. In 1908, the Bank moved to 505 Market Street. It stayed at that location for 64 years, until moving in 1972 to the former Goldey College building at 9th and Tatnall Streets. The continued growth of the institution, the advances in technology and the need for a modern facility lead the Bank to construct a new corporate headquarters complex at the Red Clay Center at Little Falls. The Bank moved to this new complex at 2961 Centerville Road, Wilmington, on January of 2008.

In 1959, Artisans` Savings Bank began opening branch offices. Today, 12 branch locations, as well as 2 commercial/consumer lending offices serve our community statewide. To meet the challenges of the future, the Bank`s charter was modernized in 1996. The word “Savings” was dropped from its name, and Artisans` Bank`s products and services grew and expanded to provide a full range of financial coverage for consumers, small businesses and commercial customers.

The vision of the original founders continues. Artisans` Bank continues meeting the financial needs of working men and women, retirees, students, small businesses, developers and craftspeople: the “Artisans. A strong, local and independent financial institution serving its community: Artisans` Bank.


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Grotto Pizza

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Grotto Pizza Founded in 1960

Dominick Pulieri was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to Italian-immigrant parents. After high school, Dominick enrolled in Kings College in Wilkes-Barre and graduated as a pre-med major with a Bachelors Degree in Biology in 1964. In addition to founding Grotto Pizza, Dominick taught biology, general science and chemistry in the Smyrna Special School District from 1965 to 1970.

From an early age, Dominick was making pizzas in his brother-in-law, Joseph Paglianite’s pizza restaurant in Harvey’s Lake, Pennsylvania. It was at Joe’s Pizza that Dominick’s passion for pizza was ignited.

In 1960, Dominick, along with his brother-in-law, Joe and sister, Mary Jean Paglianite, ventured to Delaware to open a pizza restaurant. This was the birth of Grotto Pizza. During this first summer, pizza slices sold for 20 cents each and a whole pizza was $1.60. The challenge, however, was to introduce pizza in an area where it was not recognized.

To create a market for his pizza, Dominick and his sister spent long hours talking to people and handing free samples to the people who passed by his restaurant. In July of that summer, he noticed he was starting to get many repeat guests and it was the local Sussex County guests, and later the tourists, who put Grotto Pizza on the map.

In the years that followed, Grotto Pizza has continued to grow and prosper. In 1963, Grotto Pizza opened a second location on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. In 1967, the original Rehoboth Avenue take-out stand moved to its present location in the “Arcade Building.”

Still a pizza-only enterprise, Grotto Pizza continued as a seasonal business from May through October. Customers would take pizzas home at the end of each summer and freeze them in order to have the taste of Grotto Pizza through the winter. In 1974, Dominick opened Grotto Pizza as a year-round restaurant to meet the demands of his loyal guests.

From these humble beginnings, Grotto Pizza has grown throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Although Grotto Pizza has expanded beyond the small take-out stand, the company continues to adhere to its core values of excellent food, friendly guest service and community service.

Grotto Pizza thanks its loyal guests for making it a legend in Delaware and beyond for over half a century!

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About Us

We are a skilled trades staffing company providing skilled tradespeople to a broad range of contractors, and rewarding employment opportunities to a qualified workforce. We recruit and hire the best and brightest tradespeople around, then match them to each contractor`s specific job requirements.

Our Customers

 Our customers are general contractors, subcontractors and facilities managers working on energy, commercial, industrial, residential and institutional projects. We make sure every customer has the right tradespeople for every phase of their project, on every jobsite, every time. With CLP on your team, you can focus on building your business, take on additional projects and meet project deadlines.

Our Field Employees

Our skilled tradespeople are kept busy, job to job and project to project.  We do the legwork — finding work that matches their skills, experience and interests — so they don`t have to. Tradespeople who work for us enjoy flexibility, variety, and opportunities to work on a wide range of construction jobs with top builders.

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No Matter What Type of Product You Choose We`ve Got You Covered

USLI specializes in underwriting low premium, low hazard specialty insurance products and we are focused on being your go-to company for small businesses. We are committed to making a difference through well-designed products that are delivered to our end user with unparalleled speed, service and support.

A member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, USLI is an A++ A.M. Best rated company that supports its products with financial strength and stability. In addition to our innovative products, we provide various value-added resources to help policyholders grow and protect their business.

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